HSH-VT lever block

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HSH series lever hoist is a kind of portable and versatile hand-operated loading and pulling appliance, which is capable of being applied in electricity, mines, ship-buildings, construction sites, transports and telecommunication for installing equipment, lifting goods, pulling mechanical parts, bulk strapping and fastening, tightening fittings of wires, assembling and welding etc. It has exceptional ad-vantages particularly for pulling in every limited narrow places in the upper air high above the ground and at any angles.1. All adopts thick structural steel, spray treatment surface is durable,anti-rust and impact resistance. 2. G80 grade alloy chain, clean and safe. Lifting chain is forged precisely and durable. 3. All for gear rotation, the connection between the gear and the shaft all have bearing or axle sleeve. 4. Hook: professional heat treatment forged hook can rotate 360 degree, which has characteristic of slow bending property. 5. Big nut to fix the shell and don’t save materials. 6. Alloy steel guide is streamlined design to assist chain to slide smoothly. 7. High performance non-slip rubber handle is more convenient use.China-Japan technical cooperation Light weight, small size, small handle operating force Standard configuration high strength alloy steel lifting chain Forged hook with special heat treatment has high strength and long service life Can be configured according to the requirements of different lifting height
Model 0.75T 1.5T 3T 6T 9T
Capacity(kg) 750 1500 3000 6000 9000
Standard lifting height 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m 1.5m
Testing load(kg) 1125kg 2500kg 4500kg 7500kg 11250kg
Tensile force of full loading 250 310 410 420 420
Loading chain falls 1 1 2 3 4
Loading chain Dia 6*18 8*24 10*30 10*30 10*30
Handle length(mm) 285 410 410 410 410
Net weight kg 7.5 12.5 20.5 31.5 45
Gross weight kg 9 14 23 32 48
HSH hand lever block (5) HSH hand lever block (6) HSH hand lever block (7) HSH hand lever block (1) HSH hand lever block (2) HSH hand lever block (3) HSH hand lever block (4)

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