China Permanent Magnetic Lifter Manufacturer and Exporter - Wholesale Supply and OEM Options Available

Hebei Hoisting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a reliable manufacturer, supplier, and factory of high-quality permanent magnetic lifters in China. Our permanent magnetic lifters are designed to make the lifting and transporting of heavy metallic objects such as steel plates, bars, and blocks easier and safer. With our lifter, you can be sure of getting a secure and firm grip on your load.

Our permanent magnetic lifters are made of high-grade magnetic materials that guarantee their long-lasting durability and strength. They have a compact size and light-weight design, making them easy to handle and operate. Our permanent magnetic lifters are also designed to work without any external power source and can lift loads with varying thicknesses.

Our product is ideal for use in metal fabrication, warehouses, loading docks, and machine shops. It's a great investment that will save you time and increase your productivity. Get in touch with us today, and let us help you choose the perfect permanent magnetic lifter that fits your needs.
  • Introducing our highly efficient Permanent Magnetic Lifter, designed to make lifting and transporting heavy steel objects a breeze. This robust lifting device is made of powerful neodymium magnets, which offer excellent holding force and ensures secure lifting of the load without any slippage. Our Permanent Magnetic Lifter is a cost-effective solution, as it eliminates the need for chains, slings, and hooks, making lifting tasks faster and safer. Due to its compact design, it is easy to operate and has a lightweight construction that enhances portability. With a lifting capacity ranging from 100 kg to 6000 kg, our Permanent Magnetic Lifter can handle several steel plates, blocks, rounds, and cylinders. Additionally, it is capable of lifting, transporting, and releasing items without power sources, making it perfect for remote locations or worksites that have no electricity supply. Our Permanent Magnetic Lifter is ideal for industrial and construction applications where handling of heavy steel materials is necessary. It guarantees an efficient, safe, and quick lifting operation with minimum user effort. Contact us to order your Permanent Magnetic Lifter today and enjoy maximum performance and peace of mind.
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